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6334 San Pablo Ave

Oakland California 94608

(510) 653-8386
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Actual Cafe

Actual Cafe is a welcoming, neighborhood-minded gathering place that serves simple, unpretentious and affordable food and drink made from the best locally sourced ingredients. Our extensive and varied vegan and gluten-free selection means that all diners can come in and leave satisfied. We spend every dollar that we can on local staff, local vendors, and local producers, because we think that a thriving independent local economy builds real and sustainable solutions.

How We Are Green

Substantial re-use of materials in construction; energy-star certified refrigeration; tankless water heater; compostable service ware; organic coffee; local sourcing; bike-friendly; all beers on tap (no bottles); no bottled sodas or waters (sodas are hand-mixed from agave-sweetened syrups); seasonal specials