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At Fremont Brewing Company, we’re serious about sustainability – and not just environmental but social and economic sustainability as well. That’s why we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible through energy conservation and zero waste production processes, and initiatives that grow the market for sustainable ingredients. And that’s why we provide our employees the best possible benefits including healthcare, an employer-matched 401k plan, and subsidized transit.

How We Are Green

We replaced over 900 fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting in both our Fremont and Ballard facilities. Natural gas is a major contributor to climate change. We reduce our use of it by using steam generated onsite and by capturing the heat from our brew kettles during production and redirecting it to our hot water tank. We invest in renewable energy technologies by participating Seattle City Light’s Green Up program at the PLATINUM level. There is no such thing as garbage, just resources out of place. We give our spent grain – about 10,000 lbs a day! – to a farmer for livestock feed. That’s a higher and better use than composting it but an even better use is to convert our spent grain and wastewater into clean energy through anaerobic digestion.