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Duke's Seafood & Chowder - Lake Union logo

Duke's Seafood & Chowder - Lake Union

Duke Moscrip, founder and owner of Duke’s Chowder House and Duke’s Seafood & Chowder, opened his first restaurant in Seattle in 1977 in lower Queen Anne, serving an eclectic mix of food and using cigar boxes as their cash register. It’s come a long way since then, but the character and welcoming style of our restaurants remain uniquely Duke. Today, all seven (and soon to be eight) locations in Puget Sound serve up saucy Copper River Salmon (the only salmon we serve), Duke’s famous Crab “Un” Cake (made of 80% crab), and ”appeteasers” that kick off each meal with a punch of flavor. Our famous clam chowder won the Seattle Chowder Cook-Off three years in a row.

How We Are Green

My partner and son, John Moscrip, and our executive chef, Wild Bill Ranniger, and I source every ingredient in the food we serve at Duke’s – yes, really – and it is local when possible, sustainable always, free of harmful chemicals always, and gluten free when possible.We did not stop at fish. We go to the produce fields, the chicken farms, the wineries, even to our exclusive Bourbon supplier, Woodford Reserve.