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1987 East Main Street, Suite B

Ventura California 93001

(805) 628-9289
Ambrosia by Caffrodite logo

Ambrosia by Caffrodite

A bit about us . . . We serve cosmic meals because we are all about the earth and the health of this planet and people – and we’d like our cosmic earth body to stay healthy too!!  We use only organic milk, yogurt, cream cheese and butter products . . . our cheeses are from healthy international cows and goats and sheep too!  We source our fruit and vegetables and all other products with mindfulness to our planet and our bodies ~ local and organic whenever possible.  We have an abundance of vegan options, gluten free options, and basically healthy food with no soy. We also serve gluten-full products, so if you have allergies, please do let us know.  All for the love of coffee, health, and most especially for the love of community!!

How We Are Green

We are committed to minimal waste - in every form.  Our farm/ranch friends will be taking our leftover food items and coffee grounds to their animals and/or compost.   We are committed to a healthy ocean and the only plastic we provide to-go is in the (recyclable!) lids for hot drinks.  Note:  our plant-based “to go” utensils are only provided upon request and we only provide disposable paper straws upon request. We have gifts geared to reusing – ceramic and glass hot cups, local artist to-go bags, bamboo travel utensils and reusable straws for your convenience. We support local artists and have a variety of community art projects as well as gifts by local artists for purchase.


This place just makes me want to smile. It has a great funky vibe and the staff are really friendly and so were the other customers. We tried the biscotti and a cinnamon roll and so should you. I’ll be back often. - B. Bowles Caffrodite is filled with smiles, great coffee and yummy goodness! Best of all are the loving, kind and helpful souls that work there and enter the doors on a daily basis. The owners welcome local musicians, local poets and book lovers and to top it off...they have fund-raisers to help support local artists, local nonprofits and sharing garden events. I can't say enough about this Ventura small business with a big heart! - K. Brown