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AR Environmental consultants work as an advocate with the clients to become green certified. We guide the clients to be in compliance. We help the clients foster Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) into their daily site operations. We help increase the business revenue by making eco-friendly choices to reduce carbon footprint and minimize waste. We establish a green team and provide an ongoing incentives or trainings to promote a safe and healthy work place environment.

Why We're Green

"Sustainability" is an excellent foundation for the future growth and development of businesses. It brings the costs of the utilities down by obtaining "Green Certification" and helps the business acknowledged by the growing green community.

Our mission is to provide sustainable management & technical EHS solutions to the clients to be in compliance; reduce Carbon Footprint by educating the next generation, and providing guidelines on how to save energy and water, conserve valuable resources, prevent pollution of toxins into the environment, reduce waste by the implementation of three "R's" Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle programs onsite.

In addition, we also teach and manage best practices by partnering and working together as a liaison to train the staff and help entities to set achievable goals and manage the on going success in Environmental Health Safety & Sustainability.


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