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Ventura Cryo is a leader in Whole Body Cryotherapy. We focus on pain management, recovery, performance, health & beauty in the Ventura County area. We specialize in a fast, comfortable experience with the latest cryotherapy technology. We are passionate about fitness and health, and we believe that whole-body cryotherapy is key to performance, recovery, and longevity. We believe that fitness and health must also fit into a busy life. A whole-body cryo session at Ventura Cryo takes five minutes and reboots your body and mind, enhancing the effects of your workout and restoring your body faster than you thought possible.

Why We're Green

HOW WE ARE GREEN We use re-usable socks, robes, and gloves that are washable in our spa for cleaning and have designated robes for regular clients; thus, saving water by washing their gear once every two weeks as it is only worn for 3 minutes. In addition, we use washable cups and trays to serve our water, have light sensors in our bathrooms and use LED energy efficient light bulbs throughout the facilities. A few other things we have done to support the Green Business Strategy on our Cryotherapy operations is the ability to do all invoicing, consents and all other documents electronically to avoid the use of paper, ink, and waste. Lastly, we use fresh air over by opening the doors, and we use handmade natural cleaners.


I signed up for 4 whole body Cryotherapy treatments with Ventura Cryotherapy to facilitate recovery from a stem cell procedure. I met with Alfredo who provided detailed descriptions and explained the benefits of cryotherapy. After 2 treatments I noticed improvement in the range of motion in my hip which resulted in a feeling of increased energy and freedom of movement. I have now completed 9 treatments and added localized cryotherapy. My 9 treatments have enhanced my physical stamina and confidence in my everyday activity. I feel that Alfredo payed particular attention to my needs and he has elevated my confidence in what is correct for my continued improvement. Leon D.


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