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West Seattle Autoworks

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West Seattle Autoworks is an automotive maintenance and repair facility. We work on all vehicle makes and models - that includes most hybrid and classic vehicles too! We have the latest tools and equipment to diagnose and repair most vehicles.

Why We're Green

We recycle most everything we can! We have a metal recycler that picks up all our metal and electrical used vehicle parts, we recycle all of our cardboard and paper, all our fluids are captured and recycled ensuring the ground does not absorb harmful fluids. If we notice a vehicle has a leak, we use absorbent pads to capture the leak. Auto parts come to use with a lot of packaging and we reuse as much as possible. We clean with biodegradable cleaning products and nothing gets dumped into the drains that lead to Puget Sound. We are also a Washington State Emissions certified repair facility.


As an auto repair shop that handles materials that can be harmful to the environment on a daily basis, we strive to be an environmentally responsible business realizing that the decisions we make have an impact on on our air and water.


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(206) 257-5344

7501 35th Ave Sw, Unincorporated King County, Washington

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