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Green is a 100% vegan-vegetarian restaurant that masters all favorite comfort foods and celebrates vegetables.

Chef Damon Brasch has created a menu that is sure to please any palate whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore, there’s something at Green that will satisfy you. The fare is New American Vegetarian, which is created and influenced by many different cultures and cooking styles.

Striving for perfection, Chef Damon uses the freshest top-shelf ingredients and chooses organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

We strive to make our menu with as many fresh ingredients and in house. Our sweet treats are made with organic cane sugar and unbleached organic ingredients. Green’s famous vegan tsoft tserve ice cream is handmade daily in small batches so we can be sure it’s always perfect. The house-made veggie patty is hand packed, cooked to order and served on a freshly toasted bun.

Green is a restaurant for everyone, not just vegans. Chef Damon’s mission is to open the hearts and minds of meat eaters everywhere.

Why We're Green

-General best practices include training staff to monitor sustainability initiatives, achieving recognition for sustainable behavior, supporting organizations focused on environmental sustainability and making sustainable purchasing a priority.
-Energy conservation best practices include using energy efficient lighting; having programmable thermostats; completing scheduled maintenance on HVAC system and replacing air filters on a regular basis; utilizing power strips; using lightening that can be turned off in unoccupied areas; installing covers on refrigerated display cases; keeping refrigerator coils free of dust; maintaining refrigerator doors by replacing worn gaskets; measuring energy use by monitoring utility bills
-Pollution best practices include prioritizing sustainably harvested local food and beverage products; training employees on proper cleaning procedures; properly storing and recycling electronic waste; using a pest control company focused on less toxic chemicals; using low volatile organic compound (VOC) products and less toxic cleaning products; prioritizing materials that are repurposed or recycled when remodeling; eliminating chemical air fresheners; purchasing unbleached products
-Solid waste best practices include recycling all accepted materials; providing information describing how to properly recycle to all employees; recycling/ reusing appliances and building materials when remodeling; donating excess food and food scraps; eliminating individually wrapped food service items; asking before giving out disposable items for take-out orders; opting for reusable flatware and tableware; using refillable containers opposed to individual condiment packets; using recyclable or compostable to-go food service ware; using recycled content paper products; purchasing used furniture and supplies when possible; providing compostable straws; offering a water refill station; employees use reusable drink cups instead of disposables; avoiding the use of single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam; having a strong “no balloon” policy; eliminating disposable dishes and utensils for employees; going paperless as much as possible; reusing paper; centralizing purchasing; avoiding single-use coffee pods; replacing bottled water with boxed water
-Transportation best practices include offering secure bike storage and using electric vehicle for deliveries
-Wastewater best practices include scraping all food from cookware to minimize grease going into sewer; training staff on proper disposal of food/fats/oil/grease; avoiding the use of enzymes to break down grease; properly cleaning kitchen exhaust system; using drain screens in floor and sink drains; avoiding hosing and washing items outdoors near storm drains; performing daily litter control check
-Water conservation best practices include checking for leaks monthly; using dry sweeping methods; water is served only on request


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(480) 941-9003

2240 N Scottsdale Rd #8, Tempe, Arizona