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The Art Resource Center (THE ARC) is a nonprofit whose objective is to collect reusable discards from individuals and industries and offer them free of charge to schools and other nonprofit entities for the purpose of making art. We are also open for artists and individuals to come in and purchase materials. We are an all volunteer organization.

By recycling art worthy materials for creative minds, the ARC is filling the ever widening funding gap of nonprofits by providing quality materials to continue the passion we call ART. We divert tons of materials from the landfill, and accept donations of materials along with cash donations to keep our operations afloat.

Why We're Green

-Providing a solution for mitigating waste from businesses and residents, and creating a community focused on upcycling.
-Energy conservation methods include switching to LED light bulbs; using a programmable thermostat; using occupancy sensors; maintaining swamp coolers, having an energy audit performed
-Pollution prevention methods include properly disposing of any hazardous materials; training employees on proper cleaning and spill prevention; recycling electronic waste; using natural cleaning products; eliminating chemical air fresheners, avoiding spraying for pests
-Solid waste best practices include recycling all acceptable materials; reuse of shipping and packaging materials; recycling all soft plastics; employees use reusable cups, plates and utensils; avoiding using balloons; provide bags that have been previously used for customers; going paperless for reports and manuals; reusing paper for memos; when remodeling, recycle or reuse building materials.
-Preventing stormwater pollution by avoiding washing items where washwater may enter storm drains; keeping loading docks free of chemical drips and debris; storing all items indoors
-Conserving water by using dry sweeping methods; checking for leaks on a regular basis; avoiding turf in landscaping


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(602) 828-1987

910 S. Hohokam Dr #105, Tempe, Arizona