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Notre Dog Academy

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Science-based, positive dog training from a CPDT-KA certified trainer with over 10 years experience. Private lessons available in your home on Sundays. Monday - Thursday dog day school- not just daycare! Dogs are actively trained and socialized with structured, enriching activities and inappropriate behaviors are interrupted. Dogs receive twice-daily individual training and group training.

Why We're Green

In the very beginning, even the building materials were chosen from recycled, reused, or otherwise eco-friendly sources wherever possible. Many materials are used, some even came from places where they would otherwise become trash! One of the biggest challenges has been finding earth-friendly products that don't have to be shipped across the country or from other countries! Trying to balance the carbon footprint of the products themselves, with the method of receiving them has been a constant struggle. Even looking for 100% recycled paper was difficult! Recently, I went to several stores in the area looking for recycled paper and card stock to use for my marketing materials. I became incredibly frustrated when I found literally hundreds of options, and only three of them were recycled at all - and only up to 30%! I ended up having to order these from a popular internet market. But I did my best to bundle them with as many other necessities as possible and always try to reduce the amount of deliveries to my address. I am passionate about using resources in as responsible a manner as possible and will continue to make every decision in my business with this in mind.


As the owner, every decision I make for my business is made with the environment in mind. I use biodegradable trash bags, poo bags, printer ink, and even the veterinary-grade cleaner fits in this category! Every possible piece of waste is reused or recycled -I even pay for an extra recycling service to use things that the city cannot. All possible paper goods are recycled and recyclable, I avoid printing whenever possible and rely primarily on digital marketing, commerce, and advertising. My website and related software is even hosted on clean-energy servers!


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