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Kolossus SoftWashing, Exterior cleaning, Interior cleaning, Roof cleaning with SoftWash Systems. We are industrial trade of Janitorial-Sanitization. We use water-based, 100% biodegradable chemicals. They emulsify dirt and grime, break down bugs nests and webs as well as kills Mold, Moss, Mildew, Algae, and Bacteria, sanitizing the surface we are cleaning. Soft washing uses only one-third the water of pressure washing – lasts four to six times longer and doesn’t erode the surface like pressure washing often do. Not all cleaning can be done by soft-washing and for those area that requires more aggressive cleaning, we also have pressure washing service. We are Water Pollution relocation expert, Sidewalk cleaning, parking lot cleaning, driveway cleaning, Commercial building cleaning,

SoftWashing commercial and residence: roofs cleaning, exterior buildings cleaning, driveways cleaning, sidewalks cleaning, patios cleaning, parking structure cleaning, windows cleaning, gutters cleaning, fence cleaning, decks cleaning. Gas station spill control and cleaning: use neutralizing agent for all dangerous spilled flammable liquids, use ECO system-EPA compliant. Canopy cleaning, driveways, pumps, roof, sidewalks, concrete path, gum removal Hot Water PW Commercial/Residence: pre-treat walls for painting and ALL application described above.

Why We're Green

We use mainly SoftWash Systems that utilize 12 volts and 120 volts powering systems for our equipment. We use water-based 100% biodegradable chemicals. We are water pollution relocation experts and we use LANDA ECOS (Environmental Clean Operating Systems) mobile system.


Kolossus Soft Wash is green - and clean for the environment! They clean the moss and bacteria away safely, quickly, and do not damage your property like pressure washing can. I highly recommend Kolossus SoftWash!

Great professional service. Highly recommended!


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