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Wildling Museum

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The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature is a nonprofit dedicated to using art exhibitions and programs to connect people to nature and encourage conservation. We have three floors of exhibition spaces that change 2-3 times a year, a small museum store, offices and a basement for storage. We organize art exhibitions and put on lectures, classes and film screenings.

Why We're Green

We moved into a new space in August 2013 for which we incorporated "green" features (as we could afford) such as installing LED lighting throughout almost the entire facility, having a drinking fountain that has a water bottle refiller, low flow toilets and a waterless urinal. We also recycle as much office waste as we can, we buy recycled bathroom tissue, towels and office paper. Thanks to support from CEC, we added solar panels in 2020. If we do a mailing, we have it done on recycled paper stock.

Our very mission by which we were founded in 2000 is green. Our museum's purpose is to use art to inspire our community and visitors to better appreciate nature and wild spaces and, hopefully, work to protect them.


Contact Us

(805) 686-8216

1511 B Mission Dr., Solvang, California