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Being a REALTOR® is not only a job for me; it is a noble mission and an extraordinary responsibility. It is a profession in which I take enormous pride. For Buyers: I am an advocate of homeownership and would be honored to assist those who realize the benefits of homeownership, those who recognize the value of owning property; they know homeownership will help safeguard their financial futures. For Sellers: If they are planning to sell, I will focus on maximizing their return and will effectively utilize my real estate knowledge and dedicate all my efforts to deliver results beyond expectations. CalBRE 01992383

Why We're Green

I hold a Green Designation and love to offer information about energy efficiency, water conservation, solar technologies, and other green issues on my e-newsletters and blog. Homes are responsible for over 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in our country so our real estate industry and other industries that serve or are related to real estate are very much involved in a collaboration to find solutions.

The effects of global warming like high sea levels, frequent storms, wildfires put at-risk human beings and constructions within our neighborhoods, cities, counties; we are all threatened by climate change. Some businesses more than others will play a bigger role. What a one-person business can do to effectively tackle the climate issue is extremely limited, but several businesses in one community and other communities could achieve some progress over the next decades.


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