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Retrograde Coffee Roasters

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Our coffee shop is located in the heart of West Sonoma County along Main Street in downtown Sebastopol. Dine in or take out; we offer an array of specialty beverages and fresh prepared food served by a team of upbeat and passionate individuals. There's something for everyone with plenty of vegan, gluten free and sugar free options available. We proudly roast all of our own coffee in Petaluma

Why We're Green

At Retrograde Coffee Roasters, we know that a sustainable future depends on us as both consumers and small business owners. When we started Retrograde, we knew that we wanted to incorporate all of our personal eco-friendly practices and sustainability efforts into our daily business operations as well.

It started with a compostable straw. Then, we sought out recyclable hot cups, lids, food boxes, compostable cold cups, lids and utensils. After that, we began seeking ways to repurpose our compost. Randall, a local bamboo and fruit farmer came to our door one day seeking compost and it was a match made. We then found a local farmer named Donald (Meandering Farmers) who was able to repurpose our coffee chaff, a by-product of coffee roasting, and use it as litter in his chicken coop. Through Donald, we met his neighbor who owns True Grass Farms who now takes our used burlap coffee bags and lays them down as an organic weed suppressant. As we began to seek out a space for our coffee roastery to land, we met with Cornerstone and found the 5400 Barn. The 5400 Barn is a one of a kind maker's space with an off-the-grid approach to sustainability by using rainwater catchment systems to irrigate plants and produce being grown, an apiary, solar panels and an eco-friendly wastewater system. We are constantly seeking and inspired by others and their efforts to be green.

We also practice green buying. We focus on building direct relationships with coffee farmers who are using organic and biodynamic processes to grow their coffee. By creating direct trade relationships, we can ensure sustainability for them at the farm level and pay them above Fair Trade minimums so they can reinvest in their community and their futures. Locally, we buy produce from local organic farmers as well as supporting local businesses who are producing organic goods such as pastries and bread.


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(707) 827-8065

130 South Main Street, 103, Sebastopol, California

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