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Vigor Industrial

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Vigor is the leading provider of shipbuilding, complex fabrication and ship repair and conversion in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Vigor excels at specialized shipbuilding, ship repair and handling important, complex projects in support of energy generation, our nation’s infrastructure and national defense. With deep respect for people and the planet, Vigor strives to be a positive, regenerative force for good – environmentally, in the lives of its employees and in the community.

Why We're Green

Aside from ensuring compliance with all environmental permits, laws and regulations, we work hard to continuously improve our processes to create less waste, prevent pollution, and go the extra mile to be good environmental stewards. After improving our waste management process Vigor- Seattle is now diverting over 80% of our waste from landfills and is currently in the process of converting all lighting to energy saving LED's. These are considerable feats for such a large industrial company! At Vigor we also try to spread awareness by providing employees resources to help them lessen their environmental footprint.


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1801 16th Ave SW , Seattle, Washington