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Seascapes Milfoil Removal LLC

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Seascapes Milfoil Removal LLC is a light duty commercial diving company and environmental remediation company. We specialize in the mitigation and removal of invasive aquatic plant species that are extremely destructive to native habitats. We use a proprietary suction harvesting system to remove invasive species without the use of biocides or herbicides.

Why We're Green

We work to protect sensitive aquatic habitats by removing destructive invasive species. We also work to stabilize and intomb toxic creosote dock and pier pilings such that they no longer pose a threat to the environment.


"We at Seascapes pride ourselves in environmental stewardship and we strive to make every action of our business have a net positive effect on our environment. We recognize that our plant is in crisis and we are dedicated to being apart of the solution not apart of the problem" -Garrett Raemhild (Owner/President)


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(206) 486-2386

313 27th Avenue East, Seattle, Washington