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Maxum Petroleum

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Since 1989 Maxum Petroleum has provided clean fuels and lubricants to the Puget Sound maritime and waterfront community. Our customer's include the Washington State Ferries, the county foot ferries, tug boats, fishing vessels, cruise ships, and the deep draft shipping industry. We keep vessels in Puget Sound operating, and we do it the safe, clean, and compliant way. Thousands of fuelings per year without incident, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and nothing but pure clean stormwater runoff. Safety and Environmental protection is more the a motto, it is our model!

Why We're Green

Maxum operates two fuel docks, a fleet of tank trucks, and a fleet of tank vessels within the State of Washington. In the previous 10 years we’ve conducted over 30 thousand over the water oil transfers in the state, far more than any other company, while transferring almost 650 million gallons of clean fuel and lubricant. During these transfers, Maxum has not spilled one drop of oil to water. We work closely with the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Ecology, and the EPA to continually improve upon our safe, clean, and compliant operations.
Maxum also is a leader in stormwater management. All stormwater from our facility is captured and treated, which gives us some of the very cleanest water in the city. We've partnered with the Port of Seattle to provide their tenants with green fueling options that eliminate stormwater impacts, reduce spill risk, lower greenhouse gas emissions, while taking vehicles off the road. We share our rain management strategy by annually hosting ECOSS's stormwater workshops, working with consultants in presentations at NEBC conferences, and have been featured in Stormwater Solutions Magazine.


Maxum’s goal is to continually improve upon our safety, compliance, and sustainable environmental stewardship in all aspects of our operation. To move above and beyond what we are obliged to do and on to what we should responsibly do, for our community, our environment, and our business. By partnering with organizations such as EnviroStars we work together to create win-win-win solutions to environmental issues.

- Mike Auer / Terminal Manager and Environmental Compliance Manager


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