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One of Seattle's oldest hardware stores. Founded in 1948 and a fixture of Greenwood, Seattle. Known for courteous & friendly service and wide selection of green products in: lawn & garden; housewares, paint, electrical, plumbing and more! We are also one of the most popular water heater installers in the city for commercial and residential. Over 1,000 installed or serviced yearly.

Why We're Green

Remodeled in 2014, we installed 96% efficient furnaces, insulation, and a 9KW photovoltaic system. We specialized in natural and organic products, especially in our lawn and garden center.


"Awesome Job Mike and John! Our 19 year old water heater blew out. Before we called Greenwood Hardware, We made the mistake of calling one of the "big 3" plumbing companies in our area. As soon as they arrived it was about upselling and telling me about equipment and accessories I needed that I didn't need. Even with their "discounts" they had it up to $3,600... Well, my house was built in 2000, plumbing is fine, water heater is in the garage, clean and accessible, and the only code issue was the need of added earthquake restraint bands, that's all! I called Greenwood, Mike was a pleasure to talk to, looked up all the equipment and pricing right away, gave me a quote. He even checked with his crews to see if they could squeeze me in the same day. John came out to the house when he said he would be there, friendly, took one look and said, Oh, very straightforward... had the old one out and new one installed in AN HOUR! Cost, 50 gallon with new stainless connections, earthquake kit.. under $1,200. Quick, friendly, informative, and been at it 35 years. A no-brainer recommending them!" "I was on a service call last week and one of my tool boxes got left at the base. I was in a pinch for a couple tools I needed. I went to Greenwood Hardware and they were real helpful and had everything I needed for the job. I've been here a few times before, but I really appreciate the small independent hardware stores like this with people that take pride in their job. Thanks Ben" " Last night the pipes under our sink (which had been leaking for a while) gave way and broke. This morning I did a little research and decided I could take this project on myself. I had never done anything like this before, but I knew the staff at Greenwood Hardware would help me out. And I was right! It took me several hours, and four trips to the store, but I did it! Joe helped me every time, and I could not have done it with him. Thanks so much!"


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(206) 783-2900

7201 GREENWOOD AVE N, Seattle, Washington

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