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Georgetown Brewery

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So, here’s the history of the brewery - two guys that liked beer a lot and hated working for other people came together to start a brewery. Between the time they brewed test batches of pale ales and purchased a 15 barrel system from a defunct brewery in North Carolina in 2002, to now when they support over 60 employees and are the largest independent brewery in Washington State, a lot has happened.

Why We're Green

The main resources used in beer are: water, hops, malt, and yeast. We use a lot of them, so it's important to us that we help keep these resources available. We do that by supporting hop growers in Yakima - big and small - along with barley growers in Washington. We are conscious of our waste streams, always striving to be as responsible as possible. We give our spent grain to a local farm for livestock feed, and we sidestream as much liquid waste as possible before it goes to the wastewater treatment center. We have LED lights throughout our facility, use Energy Star appliances, monitor our energy bills to ensure we're not missing anything, and more!

We also care about social and economic sustainability as well. Socially, we take are of our employees with generous benefits and time off accommodations, employer-matched retirement accounts, subsidized transportation options and some other stuff that you'll have to get hired to find out! We also donate a lot of funds to social and environmental causes. During the pandemic, we canned our most popular beer - Manny's Pale. The beer we said we would always wanted to keep solely on draft so that people had to frequent their local businesses to get their hands on. When we said that, we didn't plan on a worldwide pandemic really mucking things up. So we canned Manny's and donated 100% of the proceeds to help bar and restaurant workers in Washington State. We raised a total of $412,000!

As for economic sustainability, well, we couldn't keep the LED lights on if we couldn't financially sustain ourselves.


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