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At Baby Diaper Service it is our mission to act in a socially-responsible manner for our customers the community and the environment we all share. We endeavor to run and build our business on a two word premise – Communications and Relationships.

Being the first major diaper service in Western Washington, we view our role in the communities we serve as vital and important. We try to give back to our communities through charitable donations, a local workforce and using the maximum number of local suppliers in order to keep as much money in our community and serve our neighbors.

When you become a client of Baby Diaper Service you immediately join a team of dedicated individuals committed to your TOTAL SATISFACTION. All of us at Baby Diaper Service recognize the responsibility you have placed in us to provide not only the best service possible, but, more importantly the best and safest diaper available anywhere for your child. Consequently, all of our decisions begin by asking – “How will this best serve our customers?” We view ourselves as part of your family’s team providing your child with the safest and most comfortable diapering method possible.

Why We're Green

Baby Diaper Service our innovative spirit takes no breaks. We are always evolving and trying to find new ways to design a service with the lowest carbon footprint. Our Business Model is more than just making a profit. In addition to offering the ‘Diapering System” with the lowest known carbon footprint to our customers we also feel it is our responsibility to insure that our ways of doing business result in the lowest environmental impact. So that we are doing our part to protect the environment our babies will inherit.

Here is how we do it:

Our State-of-the-Art ‘direct fired’ water heater is 97.6% efficient. Making sure that almost all of the energy used to heat the water does so.
We source the maximum number of supplies locally.
We hire only local people and a large number of them use public transportation.
We have an aggressive internal recycling program to ensure that our solid waste is at a minimum.
Our average solid waste per customer is only 43.2 grams per week versus nearly 20 lbs per week for a child in disposable diapers.
The majority of our literature is printed on recycled paper using soy based inks.
We choose diaper covers that dry quickly and remain soft even when hung to dry to encourage our customers to retire their dryers.
We are proud members of “Think Local” ( an organization committed to promoting local businesses – LIKE US!
Our delivery routes are carefully designed to be as efficient as possible – reducing our impact on roads, neighborhoods and the environment.
Our drivers start very early to avoid having to sit idle in Seattle’s traffic.
Our washing and drying equipment is calibrated for the size of the diaper – recognizing the unique needs of each diaper size.
Warehouse skylights are used to reduce the use of electricity.
Aside from these initiatives – according to ‘Best Foot Forward’ – “cloth diapers from a professional diaper laundry have a fraction of the carbon footprint of disposables or home laundering”.

Baby Diaper Service employs only local labor – helping to insure stronger neighborhoods and a local economy.


Baby Diaper Service we go the extra mile to ensure that your diapers are cleaned better than anywhere else and with less water waste going into the sewer system. Using state-of-the-art equipment and testing we ensure that your diapers come out of our washing machines bacteria-free and pH balanced while retaining their softness and absorbency. And because of the volume of diapers we service, we can launder them with a minimum of water and fuel waste. Carolyn Janisch - Owner


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