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We are a local company dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs to Santa Barbara and our surrounding neighbors. We put forth sustainable practices in order to ensure that we are reducing our environmental footprint and encouraging others in our industry to do the same. iPhone Repair Santa Barbara was created to help our customers receive a positive experience when having to deal with the liability of a broken phone. We strive to attain a higher standard of quality than our competition without having our customer break the bank.

Why We're Green

At iPhone Repair Santa Barbara, we care about our city and its environmental health! That is why we take proactive measures to recycle effectively and efficiently while conserving our energy use. We work along side companies such as Touchstone Eco Partner and other Environmentally conscious business to ensure that we uphold the latest standards of resourcefulness and eco-friendly practices.


I decided to become an environmentally conscious business because of the lack of such in the electronics industry. It is difficult to find businesses in my industry that share the same common goals of reducing our environmental footprint through the proper disposal and recycling of e-waste. Now that my company has connected with other like minded businesses around California, I hope to promote the ethical practices of recycling, purposeful power consumption and the limiting of e-waste products to my fellow community. My mission statement is to show the benefits of green business in order to inspire others in my field to become more environmentally sustainable.


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California, Santa Barbara, 1117 State Street

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