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MINDBODY is the leading technology platform for the wellness industry, featuring an app that allows users to discover and book fitness, beauty and integrative health services, and industry-leading software for business growth and management.

Since its very first iteration, MINDBODY’s software has turned that idea into an imperative, streamlining all aspects of business management for thousands of health and wellness businesses across six continents. The result is software with a positive impact on the health and wellness of the world.

At MINDBODY, today is about anticipating what will make tomorrow better. Innovation is the status quo. We recognize that the work going on inside these walls affects a community far beyond them.

Why We're Green

We are green because it aligns with our core values and aspirational brand identity. We already had the pieces in place to become certified, it was just a matter of adhering to those operating principles and enrolling our entire team of 800+ on campus to join in on the movement.


"We have an opportunity to set a new sustainable standard in our business model and uphold our Core Values. Also, to understand that the term Sustainable defining what we do and who we are – is a “life verb,’” meaning that Consciously Evolving ultimately entails investing the time, energy and attention to detail that is needed to be truly sustainable. This is our Commitment to Wellness in all MINDBODY locations worldwide, to care for our planet so future generations can thrive in a healthier more sustainable environment." - Gabriel Chavez


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