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The Rosebud Agency

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The Rosebud Agency celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2016. Founded by Mike Kappus in 1976, the agency's beginnings were in bookings and some management for an intentionally limited number of music artists. At the start of 2014, the agency segued out of booking and the company ventured into a new chapter of consulting on music-related business for select clients and on special projects.

Why We're Green

Among the first San Francisco businesses certified as a Green Business, Rosebud's office was fitted with 96 solar panels in the year 2000, making it then one of the largest solar installations in the city. Now moved to a loft space, the agency no longer controls its roof space so we aligned with Arcadia power for renewable power. We have green-upgraded the new space where needed and continue all our policies for reducing energy and materials and re-using everything possible.


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(415) 386-3456

650 Delancey St., Suite 309, San Francisco, California