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We are an architectural, landscape and engineering design office providing solutions from conceptual phase to construction administration. Our project types include mixed-use, commercial, recreational, master planning, etc.

Why We're Green

The principal of our work is to - first and foremost - create healthy living/working places for people. As architects and engineers, our company offers environmental responsible solution to build environment that tends to be “builtin” systems. We work as an integrated team with landscape architect, architects and engineer, which allow us to tackle a project inside-and-out, all under one-roof.
Being in operation in a home-office environment is not only a cost-saving option, we practice what we preach – for instance, since we already live in an urban area, we utilize public transportation whenever we can (using and to plan our trips efficiently). We try to utilize our neighborhood retail as support, such as copying services at MailBox, Etc., mailing services at USPS, hardware store – all within walking distance. We tend to make our lunch in the kitchen upstairs as a way to promote healthy living. Our groceries are partly from the neighborhood Saturday farmers market.
The following are additional “green practices” we adopt:
• We have a LEED AP on staff
• Our library maintained at least 50% LEED credited materials
• Our inkjet printers refills from Walgreens, which is 1 block walking distance from our house; other cartridges are recycled in Radio Shack, also walking distance
• All our computers are on power-bars, which are turned off at the end of the day, thus eliminating “vampire power”
• We use rechargeable batteries for camera, keyboards, and mouse. We dispose our non-rechargeable batteries at Walgreens where they have a recycle program
• We are a member of zipcar, which offer hybrid vehicles
• We are within walking distance to MUNI and BART
• 80% of our paper contain recycled contents
• The toilet in office area is a low-flow toilet


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4243 25th Street, San Francisco, California