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Pure Energies

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PURE Energies is committed to being the trusted energy advisor to North American homeowners
PURE Energies is a leading energy advisor in Canada and the United States. We help homeowners save money on their electricity bills while helping them invest in a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are committed to being the most trusted energy advisor to homeowners by facilitating the adoption of solar energy and home conservation products across North America for the benefit of communities and future generations.

With locations in Toronto, Mississauga and San Francisco, we are proudly representing North America in the rapidly expanding international solar, LED and EV market, as a top energy company.

Why We're Green

We are internet-based with no physical product so we have a very small carbon footprint. > 95% of our employees ride bikes, walk or take public transit to work. We use many online tools to reduce paper use for fax, invoicing and expenses and purchase locally through Farm Fresh To You and SPUD and we use Skype and video conferencing as much as possible to communicate with customers and other business partners.


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164 South Park St, San Francisco, California

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