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Pick it Up is a San Francisco-based home organizing service. Whether it’s reining in clutter, clearing out a closet, diving into the garage or setting up a filing system, I can help you create functional spaces that reflect your personality, and do it all with an eye for design.

Together we can clear the clutter that is overwhelming you, and create new space in your life.

Why We're Green

As a residential organizer, much of my job is helping people to part with the things they no longer need in order to make room for the things that are truly important in life. I regularly have a car load of "stuff" that people are getting rid of at the end of an organizing session. I make it my mission to get this "stuff" to people that can use it. Whether it's an obvious place like Goodwill, or a less obvious place like SCRAP, Builder Resources or Animal Care and Control, I make sure this these donations end up in the right hands, not the landfill.

I also make it my mission to help educate my clients about how easy it is to green their homes and lives. I help them make recycling and composting easy and convenient. I also encourage the use of natural organizing materials whenever possible.


"After years (yes, literally years) of walking around and over the piles of stuff in my garage I finally called on Erin. With Erin's help I sifted through mountains of papers, crafts, pictures, tools, paints, etc. and got it all neatly organized. She not only is helpful in making decisions but a real work horse, hauling, labeling, and folding. And, then she takes it all away with her to donate. She is helpful without being at all judgmental.

She also has spent time with my 15 year old daughter going through years of toys and assorted items. My daughter's room is the cleanest it has every been. We definitely plan to have Erin back to work on other areas of the house. My daughter and I both love Erin."

Dena A. from Yelp


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