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Montcalm has three nodes to its business. First, we are a wealth manager that blends expert investing with an active focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability. Second, we are an investment firm that is using capital to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems while generating market-rate returns. To this end, Montcalm invests in companies that align with our environmental, social and governance values. And third, we run a 501c3 non-profit that gives grants to other non-profits supporting culture, the arts, education, health and the individual. Together, the three nodes of Montcalm flow capital toward a regenerative and sustainable future.

Why We're Green

Our business uses 100% post-consumer waste products such as printer paper, napkins, toilet paper, etc.; we recycle, compost and use a universal waste bin for superfluous batteries, fluorescents, electronics, etc.; we use reusable silverware and plates for events and order food only from businesses that have compostable products; we get 100% of our energy from renewable sources; and all cleaning products are free of toxic chemicals as defined by the Green Business Program.


“Montcalm strives to embody the impact we seek in others. The Green Business Program is one way that Montcalm can practice the values we preach.”


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