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Les Kidz, preschool

Education & Training|Early Childhood Programs


We are a French Immersion home-based preschool. We welcome children from 1 to 5 years old.
As essential business, we are open during the 'Shelter in Place'. We set up a safe bubble with families. Everybody respecting the shelter-in-place order and the safety guidelines.

Why We're Green

We recycle, we use reusable materials (plates, organic wipes...). Our cleaning products are all planet-friendly. We also work with a compostable diapers service company. This reduces our trash from 330 diapers/month to zero. We teach children to garden, to observe, to smell and to take care of nature. We implement permaculture principals in our curriculum.


We loved that they cooked great fresh organic meals for them every-day, planned for fun activities every day, and spent plenty of time outdoors. –M. & J.


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(628) 800-4240

75 Coventry Court, San Francisco, California

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