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This is an extremely difficult time for us & all small businesses. Please consider a gift card! The value never expires - a great gift for yourself or whoever; a way to remember that time you were quarantined at home when you're finally able to get out on trail again.
Any gift cards purchased on this site have processing fees waived, so 100% of proceeds go to help keep us alive at this time. Thank you for your support!

Last Minute Gear is the easiest and fastest way to camping, backpacking gear, and winter clothing & snowshoes for your next adventure. You can buy high quality, new gear (in-store), borrow from our free community shelf (in-store), or rent high quality gear (in-store or online for 24/7/365 access via our electronic door & locker system). We can get you gear whenever & however you need it, whether you're ordering for 2 months in advance for 3am delivery, or coming in-store day-of to consult with our expert team before your trip!

Why We're Green

Our business is fundamentally green because our mission is to reduce waste & over-consumption & increase access for all by enabling other alternatives to buying (e.g., renting or borrowing). Further, every decision from purchasing (both our inventory and supplies/ fixtures), to usage, to disposal we make with sustainability in mind (e.g., we re-use from Craigslist, purchase local from other green businesses, separate waste into 10+ categories, and support community greening projects). For a tour of how we're green, see us in-store!


"Just had an excellent rental experience with Last Minute Gear. I rented a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and propane and it was super easy to pick up and drop off the equipment using their smartphone-activated door key. Prices are affordable and service is attentive. I also love what Last Minute Gear is doing in the community, donating to local causes and hosting events to support them. Keep it up!"


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(415) 813-1881

3156 24th Street, , San Francisco, California

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