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Geographic Expeditions is one of the most innovative and recognized travel companies, offering a varied array of overland tours, safaris, treks, expeditionary voyages and location management services in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We are very proud to be a part of the San Francisco's Green Business Program, as well as being recognized by Outside Magazine as one of The Best Places to Work in America.

Why We're Green

Since 1981, our company has been committed to protecting the integrity of the places we operate, both at home and abroad, through the following initiatives:

Accountability in San Francisco: The cornerstone of our natural and cultural resource conservation program is to walk the talk where our office is located in the Presidio's Thoreau Center for Sustainability, including initiatives for a sustainable workplace, incentives for our employees to commute, and an environmentally-friendly approach to marketing.

Accountability in the field: We endeavor to partner with NGOs, communities, governments and in-country partners and suppliers, to advance conservation of cultural and natural resources, including the development and implementation of minimum impact practices.

Philanthropy: We strive to provide opportunities for our travelers to contribute to NGO's that advance cultural and natural resource conservation, education, and health care programs, at home and abroad.


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(415) 922-0448

1008 General Kennedy Ave, San Francisco, California

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