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Fieldwork Lighting Studio

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Fieldwork is a lighting studio based in San Francisco. We specialize in the art of purposeful lighting and are committed to projects that form a distinct relationship with their surroundings. With careful attention to detail and process, we bring timeless and forward-thinking presence to the spatial qualities of architecture. Fieldwork’s approach is to develop revealing designs that sensitively respond to the unique character and context of a site while upholding the values and philosophy of the client. We value technical acumen, communication and understand the rigor necessary to take projects from concept through construction.

Why We're Green

We are committed to designing based on integrity and intellect with regard to social and environmental responsibility. We strive to adhere to the principles and benefits offered by biophilic design and seek out collaborators who aim to create ecologically oriented design work. In our daily office, we are as paperless as possible (electronic management of drawings, electronic submittal reviews and markups, etc.) and commute to outside meetings and site visits via public transportation and by bike.


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(415) 547-0182

San Francisco, California