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COSMO is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of engineered soft-goods. For over 20 years, COSMO has been helping major brands elevate their products through integration with soft materials (fabric over form). With a focus on advanced material innovation and sustainability, COSMO collaborates with design, innovation, and operations teams during all stages of the product development cycle, through NPI and manufacturing. COSMO anticipates and solves challenges early in the design cycle through material exploration, interactive production-based prototyping, and a de-risked gateway to full-scale manufacturing.

Our San Francisco micro-factory together with our prototyping lab and production facilities in Dongguan provide end-to-end solutions to our customers, from concept ideation to manufacturing.

Why We're Green

Our San Francisco Lab is 16,000 sq. ft. We are very fortunate that the city of San Francisco has the resources to operate our Company 100% Eco-Friendly. For example Recology zero waste guides, and PGE offering 100% renewable energy. Most challenges are understandable, it's like breaking old habits. We try to be very mindful to personally not use single use plastic in our daily lives. It's easy when your hungry to order take out and forget the garbage it creates. We now practice everyday to make conscious decisions in all we do. All office supplies are eco-friendly and or 100% recycled paper. It can be a challenge to be mindful 24/7. We hope to pioneer the Green future for COSMO here in San Francisco no matter the scale of execution.


Everyday we can all make a difference. It starts with leading the way using all resources available to be sustainable.


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3030 17th Street, San Francisco, California