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BALANCE is a professional organizing service that provides hands-on consulting services to achieve order and organization. We work with home owners and busy Mom’s in residential spaces; and with professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. At BALANCE, getting organized is all about Sustainability. Putting the “stuff” that doesn’t serve you back out into the planet is simply the right “green” thing to do.

Why We're Green

As a Professional Organizer, a fundamental part of our work is helping clients clear out stuff and let things go. Because it a principal at BALANCE to be sustainable, we reuse, recycle or discard of everything responsibly; in an eco-friendly way. We maintain and use a list of active recycle and donation centers to maximize our eco-elimination. We also provide free services to eliminate your batteries, CFL's, expired medications, prescription glasses, e-Waste and more. It is our practice to repurpose or reuse containers clients already when possible. Of course, we practice all of this within our business operations as well, from using recycled ink and paper in the printer to CFL lighting and easy access to recycling bins everywhere.


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