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AR Green Consulting

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AR Green Consulting is a small, local, women-owned business in San Francisco, founded in 2015 by Adhamina Rodriguez and a group of advisors after 16+ years working as a Sustainability Consultant in the Bay Area. Our mission is to help projects and firms become more sustainable by facilitating green building design and construction, third party green certifications, education, and strategic sustainability.

Why We're Green

Green consulting firm that help buildings and other business become more sustainable. We have a very small footprint. The office is located in downtown San Francisco and we walk or take public transportation to any meetings. Our computer equipment is Energy Star rated, our workspace in a high-efficient building with little energy use, water consumption, or waste generation. We educate about sustainability and support all green efforts inside and outside our workspace.


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(415) 559-0331

333 Main St. 9-B, San Francisco, California

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