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Allpak Container

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Allpak Container offers packaging and display services designed to meet customer needs for creativity and responsiveness. Through our environmental management system, Allpak is committed to preventing pollution and continually improve our environmentally friendly business practices. Running our business sustainably is healthier for our employees and the planet.

Why We're Green

Corrugated is our main raw material; all scrap from die-cutting operations is captured and compacted into bales; miscellaneous corrugated and paper waste from all plant activities is collected, shredded and baled; bales are then picked up by a reputable recycling service. Plastic items such as banding straps, shrink wrap, containers and bottles are collected; a recycling clerk monitors to ensure all recycling is gathered appropriately in the available receptacles, and that full receptacles get picked up by the recycling service. Foam scraps are placed in a dedicated dumpster managed by a specialized recycler. Allpak also recycles wood waste from pallet refurbishing activities, metal waste from facility maintenance activities and all electronic waste.”


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