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We provide computer training for small groups and individuals with Microsoft Office products, such as Excel and Word.

With twenty years' experience of computer training, we have helped clients with:

+ General Windows topics (such as creating folders, learning how to save (and find them later) files
+ Using email (attaching or downloading photos for example)
+ Ground level experience with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
+ Advanced elements of those things Word, Excel, or PowerPoint,
+ Even cell phones.

Hours are by appointment only, with individual training sessions usually two hours. Professional organizations can arrange small group sessions for either full or half day training.

Many clients use Windows computers and some use Mac. We can help with both. Some use iPhone, some are on an Android. Your needs determine what we would cover.

Why We're Green

The responsibility for taking care of our earth belongs to everyone. We all live here, therefor we all need to do what we can to conserve. I've had a life long philosophy of reduce, recycle and reuse.

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Client appointments are grouped in such a way that travel is sequential without back tracking. We won't schedule a client in South Reno, another in Spanish Springs, and then return to South Reno.

In further efforts to reduce our footprint, we schedule virtual meetings with clients when possible. Using ZOOM, LogMeIn, Google Meet, or similar screen sharing platforms we don't have to drive anywhere.


In June of 2010 a client posted (on Facebook) "THANK YOU, Computer Tutor Diana! It took longer to download the program (about 60 seconds) than it did for you to solve the computer issue I was having! You are truly amazing, what a wonderful service you're offering! Thank you thank you! (

January 2018 via Google Reviews:
Diana has been a tremendous help in providing the specific MS Office (Word styles) training I've needed. She gets right to the heart of the matter, "gets" your teaching needs immediately, so I always feel my time is well spent. I live across the country from Diana, and using a standard web conferencing platform, her lessons come across just fine. She is my go-to instructor, so w/o reservation, I highly recommend her for any targeted (or general) MS Office coaching!


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