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Extremely Emollient

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Handcrafted, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free body butters, CBD butters, scrubs, lip balms, bath bombs, baby butters, beard butters, pet butters, etc. Our two main ingredients are Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Refined Coconut Oil, and our scents are primarily made from organic essential oils.

Why We're Green

All along the way we've remained vigilant to ensure that you always get a worry free product. For example, our Shea butter comes from a women owned farm collective in Ghana, Africa, and our refined coconut oil comes from a Fair Trade organization in the Philippines. We carefully research every ingredient to ensure that we're only putting good things into the world.

While mainstream suppliers seem to be in a competition as to how complex they can make things, and just how much junk they can fit into that 5% that doesn't have to be organic, we've gone in the opposite direction from day one.


"Since this company's inception we've worked hard to ensure that we never do anything that hurts anyone or anything, from our sources to our customers. We only want to put good things into the world." - Brian Morris, founder and co-owner


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Reno, Nevada