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Arts for all Nevada provides quality arts opportunities for all by facilitating access to the arts at the community level, with special emphasis on those who have a disability, are disadvantaged, at-risk or underserved by the arts. Arts for All Nevada provides responsible stewardship for the preservation and interpretation of the historic Lake Mansion while expanding its role in the community to serve as a center for the exploration of arts and culture.
We place teaching artists in special education and mainstream classrooms through Northern Nevada, as well as in senior living facilities and hospitals. We offer afterschool art programs in over a dozen schools. Out of our Lake Mansion facility, we offer art classes to adults and art classes and school break camps to children.

Why We're Green

The biggest environmental challenge we face is working to make a house built in 1877 energy-efficient without endangering the historical integrity of the house. But sustainability is baked into our mission. If our mission is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to explore the world through art, then we must also be a part of the solution that ensures the survival of that world.


"Going through the process of being certified was a great experience! It was a real eye-opener showing us what we were already doing that was right, but also showing how simple it was to be better and greener. Being a green business is in keeping with our mission to serve the community and what better way is there than being kinder to our little part of the earth! I thought it would be harder since we are in an 1877 historic house, but it is doable. We are still a work in process, but we look forward to continuing to learn and be better stewards of our facility and our environment." Jackie Clay, Executive Director


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