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Sole Sports Phoenix

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Sole Sports is dedicated to increasing your enjoyment of running and walking. We offer a wide variety of shoes and running products and have the expertise to outfit you in the right stuff. Whether you're an elite runner or just getting started, we'd love to offer our assistance.

Our primary skill is helping get you properly fit into your ideal running shoes. We employ a video gait analysis system which allows us to closely analyze your footstrike and determine how much support you need in a shoe.

Why We're Green

-We give customers a credit when they bring in used shoes that we then donate to various local charities
-We donate shoe boxes to local groups to reuse
-We recycle all acceptable materials, including electronic waste
-We reuse all packing materials
-We have a water refill station in the shop instead of plastic water bottles
-We installed dual flush toilets to reduce water use & had a water audit done to improve water conservation
-We conserve energy by switching to LED light bulbs & exit signs


Contact Us

(602) 368-5330

4730 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona