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Integrity Valet

Professional Services|Event Planning & Production


Integrity Valet was born from a desire to optimize the valet parking experience for clients & guests while ensuring employees have well prepared & firmly supported jobs.

Why We're Green

- Creating a culture where sustainability is prioritized and staff is highly encouraged to make eco-friendly choices
- Energy conservation methods include using a smart thermostat, Energy Star rated office equipment and natural light in the office
- Solid waste management best practices include recycling all acceptable materials and training employees to properly recycle, recycling old valet boxes, reusing packaging, making two-sided printing the default, using reusable dishware and cups, going paperless for reports and manuals, opting for reusable rather than disposable office supplies, centralizing purchasing to avoid over-ordering, avoiding coffee machine that requires single-use pods, electronic billing methods to invoice customers and receive payment, reducing junk mail by removing your business from marketing lists, eliminating balloons and plastic water bottles
-Reducing pollution associated with transportation by requiring employees to text/email shift sheets rather than delivering to office and assigning staff to locations as close as possible to their homes
- Pollution prevention methods include prioritizing replacing chemical products with natural and less toxic products, eliminating chemical air fresheners in the office


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4214 E. Indian School Rd, Ste 201, Phoenix, Arizona