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Beausoleil Architects is a small full service architectural firm. Our office is located in a portion of our new Net Zero energy, all electric home. Our work is primarily done in our office on computers, and we drive (currently a plug in hybrid) to meet with our clients at their properties when needed. We strive to be good environmental stewards of our own resources (employees, energy, paper, waste) and strive to educate our clients towards more sustainable and efficient design and product solutions.

Why We're Green

We have been a Certified Green Business in San Francisco for over 10 years and have improved our business' environmental footprint over the years. In moving our offices to Pacifica, we built a new all electric Net Zero Energy home and office. We are using super efficient heating, water heating and other appliances, are collecting rainwater and using gray water directly into the garden for irrigation. We are also using our building for education, giving tours to show that Net Zero is easily accomplished and not a huge expense.


Environmental degradation and climate change due to human action are gravely endangering the sustainability of our civilization and our living world. As architects, our work affects something like 40% of the energy budget of our country and a great deal of our resources. For our own sake and for the sake of our children and their children, it is incumbent on us to strive diligently to do our work in a sustainable fashion, and to create buildings which are energy efficient and sustainable in their construction and maintenance over time.
Our projects are mostly residential, and as our own personal history of home ownership shows, well designed houses can last for generations, even hundreds of years. Energy wasting homes can last that long too, so it is important to design both efficient and durable homes.
Finally, humans spend the majority of their lives within their homes, so a healthy home environment is important for quality of life. Non-toxic materials, proper ventilation, thermal comfort, structural strength, and weatherproof integrity all need to be considered.


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