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We are a small, woman-owned design and consulting firm specializing in creative artists and writers, small businesses, and publishing companies. We use energy-certified equipment and green web hosting providers, choose recycled matte paper for printing. We encourage all of our clients to use all available green resources, whether printing on recycled or non-toxic materials or using print-on-demand services. To reach , and that Uplift Press and Spiraling Music. also publish books on demand and provide pro-bono materials and services that support green living.

Why We're Green

A home business that: recycles everything, only uses recycled and reused printer paper, only uses fluorescent lighting, uses a smart strip to sleep or turn off devices automatically. We set our automatic thermostat at 68°; on hot days we stop work at 4 and use fans, no A/C. We use greywater and rainwater irrigation, and have a composting toilet. The business is near bus lines and walking distance to many services. We seek out green vendors and purchase carbon offsets annually. We purchase used cars and furniture. We display a 'no idling' sign in the driveway and provide signs to our customers as well. Going solar was a 15-year challenge since our Victorian home had an old roof, but we achieved it!


"I was proud to achieve the INNOVATOR level through my advocacy, pro-bono work on websites such as, support for green programs in local schools, and educational materials. For example, I recently created a booklet of the New Green Deal to energize the Sunrise Movement, and I spoke to a Girl Scout Troupe and at the YES Festival about green driving. Cowgirl Creative is the service side of my creative empire, and the Green Business Policies I have instated over the decades of my qualification with CA Green Business guide all of my efforts as a writer and in the community as well." — Kristen Caven, owner


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