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Thoughtfully curated gifts for every occasion.

We are the premier gift concierge of southern Marin County dedicated to providing personalized service so you can effortlessly bestow gifts for any occasion (even the gloomy ones).

Vision Statement:

Realizing the full potential of gift-giving: Celebrating, encouraging, and supporting one another throughout life’s ups and downs.
Wholehearted gifts - not inconsequential clutter.

Mission Statement:

To inspire meaningful and uncomplicated gifting by providing personalized gift offerings and unparalleled concierge service.

Our services include, but are not limited to, creation of bespoke gift baskets for every occasion, experience gift goodies, and courtesy baskets. We also provide gift ideation, gift wrapping and gift personalization services.

Why We're Green

The gift basket industry is notorious for being wasteful. We strive to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into every gift we create. We prefer to use multi-use and multi-purpose gift containers rather than the traditional single-use gift basket that may wind up in landfills. We also use recycled or biodegradable materials for our gift package fillers, cellophane gift bags, and wrapping paper. Our business uses paper-free accounting, invoicing and banking to minimize paper waste.


"Our gifts are super thoughtful, and we feel very strongly that our business practices should be thoughtful of the environment as well." - Courtney Gaiman (President/Owner)


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