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The WinterBadger Collection

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Nature's beauty shines forth in the unique and expanding product line of The WinterBadger Collection created by photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter. The WinterBadger Collection offers a wide selection of "Green" products, including fine art photographic prints for healthcare and corporate spaces on a variety of surfaces, an upcoming coffee table environmental education call to action book on wildflowers and conservation, and beautiful hand printed note cards for a message to someone special

Why We're Green

All products are created a green as possible such as large aluminum print process used for fine art prints that are made of 90% recycled aluminum.

Upcoming book will be printed with tight green printing standards.

Run business with the most energy, material and waste efficiency.

Reduce purchasing packaging and through away products, reuse as much as possible and recycle the rest.

Create very little waste.


“Your coasters are being greatly enjoyed by my niece and her husband. They have a new home and just used one the other night. Cheers to that!
Been using my note cards from you guys like mad with thank you notes
to family/friends etc. as well. Will need to reload.” Sue M


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