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Circle Graphics

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Circle Graphics is the world’s foremost producer of grand and large-format digital graphics. We are an industry leader in creating innovative products for outdoor advertising, business signage, wall decor, art reproduction, and professional photography and art communities.

Our combined 407,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities across the United States house over 88 grand and large format digital printers, custom automated finishing equipment, and coating capabilities to produce printed recyclable materials up to 16 ft wide. Our prepress department processes more than 20,000 files per day with the aid of proprietary software automation tools. We operate around-the-clock, 7 days a week to deliver extraordinary customer service, and print over 431 million square feet of material annually. We specialize in industry-leading innovations accompanied by world-class service.

Why We're Green

At Circle Graphics, we choose to operate with social and environmental responsibility.

As a leader in the large-format digital printing industry, we understand that production facilities are often associated with large carbon footprints and natural resource consumption. However, at Circle Graphics, developing sustainable breakthroughs is a part of our DNA and is a pillar on which we have built our success.

Circle Graphics continues our innovative legacy by increasing our eco-friendly & eco-solution product offerings and upgrading our facilities to use natural resources more efficiently.

We continuously work to meet or exceed local, state, and federal regulations regarding the health & safety of our employees, the public, and the environment. Additionally, pollution prevention, ethical natural resource management, and waste minimization will always remain critical priorities. In 2019, our Colorado locations are moving towards becoming Zero Waste Offices, and we are working diligently to increase the landfill diversion rates of all sites. Circle Graphics remains committed to maintaining its status as a socially conscious corporate citizen.


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