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Metropolitan Hardwood Floors

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Metropolitan is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of flooring types and associated accessories. Our respect for the environment is uncompromising and fundamental to our values and our purpose. Our vision is clear: Design the most progressive and ethically made flooring products possible, and share our passion for our craft, our people and our culture.

After nearly 30 years, we remain relentless throughout our product development process and our customers’ journey to ensure that we provide the very best products and customer care available, and to live our commitment to clean, vibrant living spaces, both inside and out.

One of the biggest challenges any flooring company faces is making sure that they have a range of color matched trim and mouldings to complement the floors.

To help improve our position, Metropolitan opened our own moulding production facility in Kent, WA. Often, a customer just does a few pieces of color finishing at a time, while we have to deal with a lot of small batch runs. We paint both in a spray booth and through a UV line. Since procuring our own finish line, Metropolitan has aggressively invested and trained our team in improving production quality and environmental performance.

Why We're Green

When Metropolitan Hardwood Floors purchased the moulding finishing facilities in 2014, we found that none of the chemical waste accumulated during several years of production had been disposed of. Unfortunately, it had simply just been stored on site. We also found ourselves labeled as a “medium” producer of waste.

We began investigating options for better waste management. By 2017, with investment in equipment and training, we had established a new system to safely dispose of all the waste, new and old.

As of 2020, we are classified as a “small” generator of waste. Among the specific improvements, we developed a new system to recycle salvageable varnish, keep our varnish spray guns clean, and eliminate over-spray from our varnish spray booth. At the same time, we have improved worker safety and increased the training program.

– Steve Pishioneri, Metropolitan Moldings Manager


When I started working here in 2018, I was a witness to many of the steps taken by Steve and the Metropolitan Hardwood Flooring company to improve our warehouse's sustainability efforts. The biggest accomplishment was the improvement on safety measures and disposal procedures of chemical waste. We have also improved our recycling procedures and have emphasized the importance of reusable products.

-Savannah Crutchley, Metropolitan Moldings Production Assistant


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