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The VitalBeeBuds mission: pollinators’ favorite forage…enhancing harvests, habitats and health is crucial to support long term, local food production, water conservation and regenerating lost habitats. In Gardnerville, an off-the-grid, salt-box, GAHT greenhouse was built to fulfill a commitment to permaculture and sustainability. The marriage of growing and selling perennials with the on-site compost system, free ranging chickens and native plants took off. The first year (2020) at Farmers Markets resulted in hundreds of perennial flowers going into gardens or new pollinator patches inspired an ongoing emphasis to provide access to the tried and true perennials that thrive here and that are the most-attractive-to-pollinators.

An all inclusive approach to attracting all pollinators means vetted pollinator plants maximize biodiversity, reduce pests and conserve resources. This is important not only to provide nectar and pollen but shelter for pollinators as well.

VitalBeeBuds sells pollinator perennial flowers and shrubs. Plants are selected to be the most hardy for the Great Basin; with a focus on natives some of which are known to be very drought tolerant in our lean or sandy soil and critter/deer resistant.

The characteristics of fragrance, color and single pedals are what attract the different pollinators: solitary bees, honey bees, beetles, butterflies, moths and bats. Some serve as ground cover, some coexist with the vegetable or medicinal garden and some are taller cut flowers…they are gorgeous and there is something to suit everyone's palettes.

Plant lists can be viewed online at or @vitalbeebuds: DM or message to purchase online or at Farmers Markets. Scheduling drop off/pick up can be arranged to forgo shipping.

Why We're Green

We had committed and successfully built a passive solar home and solar, GAHT greenhouse. But considering how to utilize our resources to grow our own food on our property became the challenge; how to grow our own food among so many critters! Movable fences were a must after the loss of chickens to three different predators! Then the permaculture resulting from this need became regenerative and successful. The compost built soil, the chickens provided soil nutrients, the drip system and xeriscape conserved water and with the layering no-till farming methods plants started to thrive and many, many beings were observed to have homes. Homes in the leaves, fallen limbs, a bee hotel and bee hive. Another commitment became lessening our own waste and resource outputs. We devised a recycling system, purchased recycled products and led lighting. Thankful for the support and the green guidance in the NVGreenBusiness certification requirements, we realized this was attainable and so very worthwhile. In modeling this type of living, we hope to educate and inspire others to do the same. Whether you start big or small, you will be blessed with bounty.


There is no other way forward but to share healthy lands and for all of us, together, literally reaping the benefits of increased energy and health while within the earth's regenerative carbon cycle. When connecting with nature, green methods naturally flowed from sinking toes in the grass, building then smelling sweet soil and the multi-sensory commune with beings; their colors, smells, textures and sounds. There is a reciprocity of energy when in the green space of plants and beings. Come join in!


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