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Comstock Farm

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Comstock Farm grows and sells grass hay and native seed crops. Unique features of the 43 acre property include
a 1000 sq. ft. hoop house, a 9kw net metered solar system, and a constructed wetland septic system.

Why We're Green

1) We have a 9 wa PV system supplying all of our electricity. We were the first company in Nevada to get both a USDA rural Development grant and an NV Energy Solar Generations rebate

2) We have the first constructed wetland in the state operating as a residential blackwater sewer system per the NV State Health Dept. It is lined such that the groundwater will never be contaminated, causing problems like old traditional leachfields. It’s also a decentralized system that will never impact the Carson River drainage network.

3) Our seed company (which is paying our mortgage and preserving ag open space) supplies the reclamation industry, helping to keep Lake Tahoe blue, and supplying drought tolerant landscaping options to
Residents and commercial interests throughout the Great Basin, Sierras, and Mojave.

4) We are currently restoring (recycling) an 1851 barn into a solar home that is permitted in Douglas Co without a conventional heating/cooling system short of a wood stove.

5) We were the first family to build an NRCS hoophouse in Douglas County. This hoophouse produced 1700 lbs of food during the first two years.

6) We have preserved a nine acre wetland and built owl boxes, hedgerows, and predatory bird perches for habitat. After eleven years, we have had quite the cacophony of birds including two sand hill cranes.

7) We are growing local source drought tolerant plants for seed and low water use grapes as alternatives to hay and saving thousands of gallons of water yearly.

8) We compost, recycle, and reuse everything possible.


Contact Us

(775) 781-0205

917 STATE ROUTE 88, Gardnerville, Nevada