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Surplus Service recycles whatever you don’t want and provides solutions for e-waste, depleted assets and reverse logistics (RTV) to meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and liabilities. UpcyclIT™ reduces waste by providing reuse options which generally do not contribute to the waste stream, enabling you to highlight zero waste reduction. Our services include cradle to grave management, assured destruction, asset harvesting, data eradication & we don't ship e-waste overseas.

Why We're Green

• Upcycling: although we recycle, our goal is to UpcyclIT or reuse electronics rather than simply recycle or landfill.
• Zero Waste: we help you show a reduction in total waste by providing reuse options.
* Fees: we save you taxes by avoiding the fees paid to recycle electronics.
* Green Reporting: we provide itemized reporting highlighting your recycle initiatives.
* Containers: we offer clients e-waste bins for easy accumulation and removal.
• We are a Certified Green Business.


Surplus Service has been a trusted partner with Sony for a few years now. They exceed our expectations in meeting proper company disposal and regulatory requirements since given an option, we'd prefer reuse over recycle. We also trust them for our data destruction since they do degaussing which meets Dept. of Defense standards to clean our drives. They also don't trans-ship e-waste.

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