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Turn Key Auto Service provides repair and maintenance for BMW, Volvo, MINI, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota. We believe in being responsible for our impact on the environment by informing our customers in the value of positive car care. We work with our customers to reduce fluid leaks and give them information on proactive maintenance. Our newsletter provides information on the maintenance of their vehicle and how positive proactive care can reduce the environmental impact and keep their vehicles on the road for longer in a safe and efficient manner. Keeping automobiles running efficiently keeps them out of the landfills.

Why We're Green

The automobile industry creates a variety of environmental impacts beyond the obvious gasoline use. We work with our customers to make sure that know in advance what their vehicle needs to run efficiently and lessen the effect on the environment. We recycle metal parts to be melted down and return many auto parts to enable them to be rebuilt into new parts. We use many items that produce waste that we recycle and have eliminated products that are single use. We reuse water that is used to clean parts and keep it out of the storm drains.


The environment is at a critical moment, everyone wants to do what they can to help out. We work with a positive approach to our customers and to effect that each vehicle has on the big picture. " Every oil leak fixed reduces the impact on the environment and every drop that stays in the automobile keeps our water cleaner" Pat Heiden stated. Teaching how a vehicle works and how consistent maintenance keeps a vehicle running at it optimum as well as keeps it from producing additional environmental pollution. Small steps lead to a large changes!


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